No One Should Die of Cancer™

At Tocagen™, we believe that No One Should Die of Cancer. We believe cancer should be a manageable disease, and that long term remission or even elimination of disease is possible.

Fighting Cancer with Selective Immunotherapy

We believe we are at the forefront of next generation therapeutics for treating cancer using selective immunotherapeutic products that are based on gene therapy technology (“cancer-selective immunotherapy”).

We are initially focused on developing an investigational treatment for an aggressive type of brain cancer, namely recurrent High Grade Glioma (HGG), which includes Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) and anaplastic astrocytomas.

Patient Inquiry for Clinical Trials

Harry Gruber, CEO


Thank you for visiting the Tocagen website and for your interest in learning more about our fight against cancer. This website contains information about our company, technology, products and clinical programs. At Tocagen, we are dedicated to fulfilling our Mission and bringing new hope to patients with advanced cancer.

Harry Gruber, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Tocagen Inc


My Fight Against Brain Cancer: Greg’s Story
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